One-off Financial Consultation

Spotlight Review

What is it?

One of our most popular services, the Spotlight Review is a one off, fixed price, consultation with a qualified financial adviser focused on a particular issue or financial problem you are facing or having to deal with.

Although there is no specified time limit for the meeting, typically meetings last between 1 and 2 hours.

Why would I want this service?

Often this service is used by individuals who have a particular financial decision they need to make, commonly with a fixed time deadline.  The range of topics covered has been diverse, ranging from maturity of fixed rate bonds to assessment of financial packages on redundancy.

The other common motivation for using the service is to have a set of “independent” eyes to look at a financial decision or commitment that you intend to make, to ensure that you have taken account of all possibilities.

The service is used by those who do not see the need for a full blown financial planning and advice solution but do wish to receive guidance.

How will you do this for me?

This is a face to face consultation to deal with a particular problem or issue that you are facing so it is very much your agenda that will drive the meeting.  However the basic common principles are:

  1. A shared understanding of the problem from your perspective
  2. A context, i.e. a summary of your financial position
  3. Through discussion, consideration of the options open to you
  4. Through discussion, identification of the likely best route forward

It is important to note that the Spotlight Review is not a replacement for Advice.  No external research will be undertaken.  All comments and observations made will be driven from the information which you make available at the meeting.

To arrange an initial friendly, no obligation discussion, please contact us

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