Client Focus Planning

What is it?

This is our core financial planning service.  We design and, if required, implement a financial plan based on your financial requirements, covering retirement planning, investment planning, estate planning etc.

Why would I want this service?

The plan will be designed to enable you to achieve your financial objectives, whatever they may be.

How will you do this for me?

A five step process enabling us to:

  • Understand and agree your needs, priorities and objectives
  • Analyse your requirements, assess the options open to you and then build a bespoke financial plan for you to enable you to achieve your objectives, including identification of the risks involved
  • Agree the financial plan with you
  • Implement the financial plan
  • Monitor the financial plan to assess progress and adjust as necessary

It is entirely at your discretion whether to instruct us to progress to the next step in the process.  This gives you the opportunity to access our expertise to whatever level you feel you require.

The Service In More Detail

Following an initial factfinding exercise, you will receive a detailed financial plan setting out our recommendations of the actions you need to take in order to meet the objectives agreed.

You may either implement this plan yourself or, if you prefer, ask us to do this for you.

If you ask us to implement the plan for you, we will also offer you an ongoing service to monitor the progress of the plan.

The Process In More Detail

Step 1 – Client Focus Meeting

Usually held in your home, this meeting enables us to understand your current financial position together with your aspirations and concerns for the future.

Through general discussion and the use of dedicated questionnaires, this meeting will enable us to take clear instructions from you about what you are trying to achieve and to what degree you are both prepared and able to tolerate risk within your plans.

Even if they choose not to proceed to the step of building a financial plan, many of our clients find these discussions help them clarify their objectives in their own minds.  A specific output of this meeting, even if you choose not to proceed to the next step, is a brief report summarising an assessment of your attitude to investment risk

Step 2 – Build Your Personally Designed Financial Plan

Whatever your requirements, through a process of analysis and evaluation of your objectives and the resources available, we will design and document for you a plan detailing the actions required to achieve your goals, the risks involved and the resources required, including the costs of advice involved in implementation.

The scale of this piece of work and the time involved will depend on a variety of factors, including the availability of relevant information on existing assets, the complexity of your financial circumstances and your requirements.

Before commencing work, we will provide to you a clear statement of the costs involved.  No work will be undertaken without your prior approval.

Step 3 –Client Focus Meeting (Agree the Plan)

This meeting is for us to discuss the financial plan and how it will help you achieve your objectives.  It enables you to ask any questions you may have so that you fully understand the plan and also presents you with the opportunity to express any concerns you may have which may lead to further tailoring of the plan design.

Step 4 – Plan Implementation

If instructed to do so, we will implement the agreed elements of the plan on your behalf.  Our charges for undertaking this work will have been fully explained to you within our report.  We will not implement a plan or allow you to incur implementation costs without your prior approval.

Step 5 – Agree Ongoing Monitoring of the Plan in Progress

No matter how good the assumptions about the future, there is a requirement to monitor progress regularly to ensure the plan remains on track and to take account of any changes in your circumstances.

Dependent upon your requirements and the complexity of your plan, you may be happy to do this yourself or, alternatively, you may wish us to do this for you.  This might be either as a Retained Client, paying a fixed monthly fee by standing order, or as an “Assets Under Review” client where the charges incurred will relate to the assets being reviewed on your behalf.

To arrange an initial friendly, no obligation discussion, please contact us

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