Care Fees Planning

If you are currently faced with the prospect of funding care for yourself, a relative or a friend, you are almost certainly feeling emotionally drained right now.

The process of finding suitable care, not to mention helping your loved one come to terms with the significant changes to their lifestyle, can be extremely difficult.  If that’s not enough though, the emotive, and often confusing, financial situation seems to add a further level of complexity.

Whether you are acting for yourself, as an Attorney, or as an appointed Deputy, we can help guide you through this difficult time.

Our Principal Consultant, Andy McQueen, is fully qualified to provide advice in respect of care fees planning and funding.

Our aim is to help our clients obtain the best quality of care for their circumstances and put in place the necessary financial plans to deliver this.  We will be able to review all of the financial arrangements and assets involved and put forward recommendations to achieve the agreed objectives.

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